Boxed…and no one cares

The last few years I spent an inordinate amount of time creating elaborate, intricate, ridiculously nifty Valentines for the kids to give to their friends at school.


Photo and idea via Skip to My Lou


Photo and idea via design. wash. rinse. repeat. Original pin lead me to Curbly.

Aren’t they adorable?


They were also time-consuming and not terribly cheap. Two school-aged children = 50ish Valentines for classmates and all the teachers.

Last year I even made a version of this Minute to Win It to play during JP’s class party:


Photo and idea via Stacy Julian.

I spent some time last week cruising Pinterest, adding ideas to my board, scheming the Next Great Valentine all the while wondering where the hell I was supposed to find the time and money for my next crafty project. Does Martha Stewart ever give grants? No? Bummer.

At Target yesterday I had a fleeting moment of sanity and decided, to hell with it. I bought two boxes of Valentines, some bubbles, bouncy balls, and declared them Good Enough. I felt a twinge big fat pinch of guilt. I genuinely felt bad for forcing store-bought cards upon my kids. How disappointing for them!

Today after school I gave the kids their mass-produced, boxed sentiments along with their class rosters. “Sign your name where it says ‘From’, write your friend’s name where it says ‘To’,” I instructed as I carefully tore the perforated seams of cardstock. “There’s enough for you to give to the specials teachers and the student teachers, okay?”

I braced myself for revolt. Surely one of them would cry BULLSHIT! on store-bought cards and demand something creative and homemade, right? RIGHT?


Thirty minutes of near silence passed as they diligently signed their Valentines.

“These are so cute,” declared SG. “I’m going to give Jessica this puppy. I like this kitten for Dane.”

JP wasn’t as methodical about the distribution but he did take the time to draw a little doodle next to his classmate’s name on each card.

Guilt, begone! As far as my children were concerned, good enough was, in fact, enough AND good. Maybe they were even a little better because the kids actually took part in “making” them. HA!


4 thoughts on “Boxed…and no one cares

  1. Good for you! This year DH bought the cards and they were Star Wars cards that had 3 different pictures depending on how you look at the card. DC1 was super-happy. We did not provide extra goodies, though a few parents did. DC1 came home with way too much candy this year.

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