Team parenting

There’s no school for the big kids today. There’s no school for most of the districts around here. All the kid friendly stuff to do around here will be PACKED which means fuck no. Trying to navigate crowds is one thing with the big kids. Trying to navigate crowds with the big kids and a not-quite-4-year old? Hello, Personal Hell. No way. XC will get hurt or lost. I’ll get pissed. No. Just. No.

Mr. G took half the day off (bless him) with the plan to take the kids up to the school to ride their electric scooters and play off their overabundance of energy. Me? I’m going to finish work so I can actually have a weekend and get our house clean.

Now listen up, because this is where my husband scored MAJOR points:

Mr. G: Babe? Do you want to take the kids to school to play and I’ll stay here and clean?
Me: What? No! Why?
Mr. G: Because you usually stay behind to get stuff done and I get to do the fun stuff with them. I thought maybe you’d want to go this time.
Me: No. I love you for offering but no. I need a break. I would rather clean. Truly. Being home alone is what I need, even if I am cleaning.
Mr. G: Okay. We’ll be home around six.

And that, is how you Team Parent.


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