Resolved: 2013

Note to co-workers: do I win again?

I don’t generally do New Year’s resolutions because, frankly, I think doing so is the best way to set yourself up for failure. That said, I have one intention for 2013:

Develop pictures. I haven’t had photos properly printed since SG was six months old. Sometime during the summer of 2005 we switched to digital entirely and rarely had prints made. There are thousands of precious memories stuck on a variety of hard drives and that is just stupid. My goal is to get at least half of our digital pictures into photo books (I’ll either use Shutterfly or iPhoto) and actually have them printed by this time next yearAt the very least I would like to have the photos from XC’s birth to present in albums.

I’m starting with this Christmas- it’s getting a book all to itself- and working backwards. I also hope to pluck uploaded pictures into an album as I put them into iPhoto and print books as they get full.

I’m all kinds of motivated. Let’s hope it sticks.

Cheers to 2013!


3 thoughts on “Resolved: 2013

  1. For the past five years, I have made a comprehensive photo book for both sets of grandparents for Christmas. None of my people needs a new sweater or coffee mug. It is a year in review including all of my favorite photos from the year (with a Christmas retrospective from the year before as I had to go to print). I keep a copy for myself also. The grandparents love these and have come to expect them every year. This give me a deadline (gotta have a deadline) and a good reason to stay with it. It is a labor of love on my part. Enjoy your project. It will take you longer than you expect it to, and it will be worth it. Happy New Year!

    • Christmas photo book is done. It and prints for the grandparents are in my cart. Next up: a keepsake book for SG all about the Nutcracker. She’ll get it for her birthday.

      The snapshots are just going to get tossed in a book- just like they would if I printed them. The special things- vacations, XC’s birth, etc. will get their own books. At least that’s the plan…for now.

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