So! You don’t want your daughter to dress as a slutty [________]

It’s November 1st which means this post is one of two things: too late, and slightly irrelevant -OR- the first Halloween 2013 post. For the record  (because this could win me an interoffice contest probably sometime in June), it is my contention of the latter: Earliest Halloween Post of 2013.

For Halloween 2012 (re: yesterday) SG decided to be a flamingo after she saw this costume:


So cute. Age appropriate. Fun and sparkly. NOT SLUTTY. Winner!

…or not. Halloween is my favorite but even I draw the line at spending over $150 on a costume.

Time to pull out the glue gun.

I started with a long sleeve t-shirt and a pink skirt:

So Jenni brand from Macy’s- I think the cost was less than $20 for both.

A flamingo is not a flamingo without feathers. Enter three, seven-foot long feather boas from Hobby Lobby. They’re $7.99 a piece BUT I used a 40% off coupon on all of them (separate trips but whatever) so a whopping total of $15 on boas.

I tacked the boas (the feathers are attached to a soft rope) using a needle and thread (I sewed? I SEWED.) and just scalloped the light pink boa and 1 1/2 of the hot pink boa around the skirt. I used the other half of the hot pink boa and lined each of the outside arms of the t-shirt.

It’s also worth noting- because I lost my fucking mind- that I also made feathers by cutting out and layering three different colors of pink tulle. Each color was a different size feather. I made hundreds. I wasn’t going to admit to this but I’m nothing if not honest.

Or something.

I pinned the tulle feathers all over the skirt and shirt, in layers (for extra beauty and poofiness) and then, against the advice of pretty much everyone with any sewing ability whatsoever, I glued the tulle feathers with fabric glue. Much to everyone’s surprise (especially mine), it worked.

My original intent was to *just* make a tail feather using the boa. But it looked so.damn.cute. that I chucked the hours I spent cutting, pinning, and gluing and went ahead and boa’d the front.

Her shirt looked really cute…but was lacking that special something.

So I bought a bag of loose feathers and glued them around the neck.

(Between JP, SG, and XC’s costumes I no longer have fingerprints from all the hot gluing. Life of crime here I come!)

I bought a plain mask and Mr. G painted it.


Mr. G painted it (free, because we already had the paint), we lined it with the silver beads (free, they were leftover from the epic Glinda costume of 2010), the false eyelashes were purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $4.50. I bought one sprig of pink glittery floral spikes for $2 (on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby) I cut strips of tule to use in place of a ribbon or elastic band to keep it on her head. Total cost for the mask (ish): $10.

We didn’t put feathers on the mask because SG is sort of weird about things touching her face but she had to have feathers on her head somewhere. Channeling Kate Middleton I designed and made (re: completely winged and hot glued) a fascinator. I used a fascinator base (I think I maybe paid $4.50 for it on sale) and glued other feathers and spikes that we already had:

We she sported her old ballet tights and silver boots. Free and free because we already owned them.

The finished flamingo girl:

Her trick or treat bag (which is so rudely blocking her skirt) was a pink sequined satchel that her grandma purchased to coordinate with her costume.

The individual pieces:

Flamingo shirt

The skirt survived the Halloween parade and party at school plus three hours of hardcore trick or treating.

All in all I spent a little over $50 on the costume. That sort of sounds like a lot BUT store-bought costumes usually run around $25. Then you *have* to buy accessories so I don’t feel like I spent way beyond the usual costume budget, you know? SG LOVED it, she was warm, she looked like a little girl, not some tiny street-walker or Vegas showgirl.

Had I skipped the tulle feathers (and I really should have skipped the tulle feathers), I could have made this costume in few hours. I just tacked the boas (threaded a needle, pulled it through the center of the boa, then started knotting like crazy)- even my no-sew self handled it just fine. As for the mask, were I not married to Mr. G (and thank goodness I am) I would have painted it pink, then glued sticker gems in a swirly design. I wouldn’t have been intricate as what Mr. G was able to paint, but it still would have been fun, inexpensive, and easy.

There’s no beak because SG is weird about smells (really weird) so we went with an abstract interpretation of a flamingo.

Something like this could easily be translated onto another kind of foul: blue bird, red bird, whatever. They sell boas in a ton of colors. Plus, you have 364 days to gather the materials and get started. Halloween 2013, here we  come!


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