I’m thankful for sarcasm

It’s November which is every blog reader’s dream. Such a plethora of riveting, mind-blowing posts await us in November.


Except it’s not.


Why November Blog Posts Make Me Cranky
(while numbered, they’re in no particular order regarding the level of irritation)

1. Daily thankful posts. It would  make me thankful if you didn’t. Or, if you’re going to insist on doing it, put something personal into it. I eat that stuff up. Those thankful posts are lovely.

2. Daily thankful posts taken via Instagram. It’s like #1. But worse. Instagram does not a photographer make. And, yeah, that includes you (YES YOU).

3. Daily NaNoWriMo updates. Go get a nifty badge or word counter thingy and put it on your blog. Please.

4. Pictures of food. Unless they’re pretty. Instagram photos are not pretty. Please see Pioneer Woman et al for pictures of pretty food.

5. Pictures of food you ate. No one wants to see how clean you were able to get your plate. Half eaten chicken, leftover mashed potatoes…gross. Really. IT’S NASTY. STOP IT.

6. Link ups. Ugh.

7. Memes. See #6.

8. Thanksgiving Day recaps.
(Actually, recaps that are a play-by-play of what you did on any given day/weekend/holiday are boring even when a turkey is not involved.)

9. Any and all Christmas posts that go up prior to November 22, 2012. Your tree could have a real damn angel sitting on the top bough and I will still be grumpy about Christmas jumping the damn shark.

10. Recipes copied straight from another blog or website. Please. don‘t. If you make something that’s really delicious, tell your readers what it was, embed a link to the original recipe. No exceptions.

Turkeys are ugly. This hedgehog, while having absolutely nothing to do with anything, is freaking adorable.



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