Housekeeping heads-up

I met with a friend yesterday and, as a result of ingesting excellent coffee, talking about blogging, and looking at lots of cool, gorgeous, or otherwise fabulous sites I came to a conclusion:

My blog sorta sucks.

Not in terms of content, for the most part I’m happy with what I post. Blogging has always been, and will continue to be, a sort of free therapy and an outlet where I’m just…me. I could give a shit about page hits and followers (though I will admit that I love it when a post resonates with people. That connection thrills me.)


Aesthetically my blog has never been me which is rather pathetic because between Mr. G and I (I am good at page design and layout, he’s good at making stuff pretty), it shouldn’t be an issue.


Fuck and yes, right!

There’s a good chance my blog is not going to look the same day-to-day as I futz around with the free templates and try to figure out how to make them my own.

So…today it’s balloons. I like the font and whimsy* of it all but I’m not crazy about the one column layout. Tomorrow there may be bananas. The day after that…who knows.

As long as it says A HOT MESS** and (even the silence is cacophonous), it’s still me. I’m still here. I’m just moving my virtual furniture around***.

*Whimsy. I love that word!

**”A hot mess” refers to my general state of being and not my general state of attractiveness (:::snort:::). Though three separate prescription medications have done a lot to curb the heat.

***About once a year my Mr. G comes home and discovers that I’ve flipped the entire house. It’s sort of the bonus of living in an old house with no terribly defined rooms. Sometimes the front room is the living room, other times it’s the dining room.


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