Chick-Fil-A (real quick like as efficiently as possible)

As far as fast food goes, I’ve never had a hankering for Chick-Fil-A. Nor do I understand the people who will camp out in front of the restaurants to get free sandwiches for a year. The food is fine, but it’s not off the charts, and certainly not camping on concrete worthy.

(Go Chicken Go, on the other hand…I freaking LOVE gizzards.)

My food preferences are not the point. Why that company has lost my (admittedly meager) business is the point.

“We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that,” Dan Cathy, head honcho of Chick-Fil-A.

His stance is not novel or remotely shocking. A lot of people agree with him.

I do not.

He is entitled to his opinion.

I am entitled to mine.

His opinion is not why I choose to avoid Chick-Fil-A. (Boycott seems like a strong word because, honestly, the fact that I’ll no longer spend $12 a year at that particular establishment is of no financial consequences to them.)

I choose to avoid Chick-Fil-A because of where they choose to send donations:

The Family Foundation which posts these bullet points on their homepage:

  • Strengthening Marriage | Virginia’s no-fault divorce laws make unilateral divorce too easy. These laws need to be tightened to encourage marriage counseling and to protect the best interest of children.
  • Opposing Domestic Partner Benefits | Homosexual advocates have worked to diminish the status of marriage by providing marriage benefits to any relationship. Already, private companies in Virginia can do so. Despite a marriage amendment that prohibits this, efforts are underway to expand this to state and local government.
  • Opposing Homosexual Behavior as a Protected Class | Every year there are efforts in Virginia to add homosexuality to the list of protected classes in non-discrimination laws. This is not only unnecessary, as no evidence of discrimination exists, but has potential negative ramifications on religious liberty.

My marriage is not threatened by other marriages, regardless of the individuals involved in said union. If you don’t want a divorce, don’t get one. If you don’t want gay marriage, don’t get one. I believe all humans have a right to have their civil liberties protected. Claiming “ramifications on religious liberty” and  “no evidence [of] discrimination” is preposterous and ignorant. Similar claims were made in the 50’s and 60’s when African-American were fighting for their civil rights. I wouldn’t give a single dollar bill to The Family Foundation. Ever.

Exodus International
This organization encourages individuals experiencing “SSA” (same-sex attraction) to seek counseling for “reparative therapy”, “inner healing”, “sexual addiction recovery”. They glibly imply that AIDS is a punishment to gays.

I’m so filled with disgust I could gag. Were I passing their offices I would pick a penny up off the sidewalk just to make sure it never saw its way into their hands.

Family Research Council
Their stance is clear as it, “champions marriage and family as the foundation of civilization, the seedbed of virtue, and the wellspring of society.” Properly understood, “families” are formed only by ties of blood, marriage, or adoption, and “marriage” is a union of one man and one woman.”

Their ignorance and thinly veiled hate is also abundantly clear. Go ahead and cruise through their pages. It makes me cringe. I hate myself for looking at their website. I would never, not in a million years, offer money to that organization.

It’s America. These organizations have every right to exist and operate. Dan Cathy, Chick-Fil-A, et al are entitled to do with their money as they see fit and if donating to then is their choice, so be it. However, I won’t enable the contribution by purchasing their mediocre, artery clogging fast food. That is my choice.

And, for the record, waffle fries suck.


2 thoughts on “Chick-Fil-A (real quick like as efficiently as possible)

  1. You couldn’t have said it better! I agree with you, and I am going to have to share this with others. 🙂

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