…is next weekend. My friends and co-workers will be there.

I will not.

This sucks.

Know what sucks more?

It’s in NEW YORK CITY and there are so many wonderful things about NYC that I will not be seeing or doing because I’m not going to BlogHer ’12.

Know what else is at Blog Her ’12? Kickass swag. LOTS OF IT. That I won’t be getting. Because I’m not going.

(cue the tiny violins)


BlogHer, in a move that can only mean the universe loves and wants us poor home-bound bloggers to be happy, is going to let us try to win a Bag ‘O Swag.

Holy hell and YES!

I may not be seeing Newsies next weekend, but I may get some swag.

Head on over to BlogHer and enter!

Disclosure: I’m scoring an extra entry in the swag bag giveaway as compensation for this post. Why, yes, I really am that materialistic. FREE STUFF RULES!


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