Summer sucks

Cabin fever is taking over and there’s a houseful of cranky, bored, irritated people. It’s too hot to do much of anything, including swimming (it was 102° at 7 pm with 30% humidity).

In the summers we usually surprise the kids with some sort of vacation. By surprise I mean we wake them up, tell them to get dressed, they play a game (once it was a puzzle, once a scavenger hunt, once there were boxes with small clues), and we whisk them away to wherever it is we’re going. Last year we surprised our bleary eyed trio with the announcement that we were leaving on a plane headed for California. They had five minutes to get dressed. It was brilliant!

I’m sure, somewhere in the recesses of JP and SG’s minds their bubbles have been burst because there’s been no surprises and we’ve been very frank with them: there will be no surprises. No trips. Not this summer.

First world problem? Yes. Still, it sucks.

This weekend, though, they get a little staycation thanks to my in-laws. Great Wolf Lodge and visiting Legoland and I’m trying to figure out how to best tell them. Little wolves on their seats in the car (it’s a 30 minute ride away) was a thought…but I wanted something with a little more oomph. It’s all in the presentation, right?

Anyone have an idea?


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