A bake sale.

It was supposed to be a little thing. Raise some money. Teach our kids about giving and kindness. Rally around our friends.

The usual suspects were contacted. The usual emails were sent: if you can contribute something yummy, please do. A few tables were borrowed. Facebook postings. The usual.

It was supposed to be a little thing.

And then…it exploded.

And so did my heart.

Treats galore, plus friendship bracelets and Ugly dolls made by the kids.

I watched as people would wander up to the tables, grab a treat or two, and drop $20 in the bucket. Pretty soon the bucket was stuffed with a lot of money.

“How much money did we make?” a kiddo would ask.

“A lot,” was the whispered replied.

“More than a hundred?”


And the child would bounce away happy as a clam in spite of the fact that they were not going to keep a single cent of it.

At one point a couple pulled up to the sidewalk, a woman got out, handed Carolyn an envelope, gave her a hug, and walked away.

The unsigned card wished them well and contained a $100 bill. None of us knew who she was.

It was supposed to be a little thing.

The people kept coming, the bucket kept filling.

Then the news showed up.

Carolyn and her son being interviewed by KCTV5’s Justin Schmidt.

Not only did the news show up, the guys bought a couple dozen cupcakes and added some more money to the bucket.

In just a few short hours we raised…well…a lot of money for this little boy and his family.

Bo & Babe

There were a lot of tears. A lot of smiles. A lot of laughter. A lot of fun…and some children may have eaten their weight in refined sugar (I’m looking at you, Willow!).

Our little community rallied and it was amazing.

My heart was full, my soul was fed. Yesterday was so much more than helping our friends. It reminded me that human nature is full of goodness, that people want to help one another, and that there’s hope.

We made it happen.

Just a few of the amazing ladies of Team Bo.
We’re Macan It Happen.





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