I’ve been pretty grumbly lately. Stressed. Anxious. Rethinking this whole “being an adult” thing because, you know, I’d kind of like to quit being a grown-up now.

This is the view from my front window this morning:

And, believe it or not, it took damn thieving vandals to pull me out of my funk.

I am surrounded by goodness and good people. See…

This morning we were out of coffee and couldn’t leave because CSI had to process our vehicles (did I just type that? Yes. Yes I did.) and my friend Pam, bless her, brought me a whole carafe of really excellent coffee.

JP’s psychiatrist gave us three months worth of samples of his most expensive prescription.

Another friend offered a tiny (but oh so bright) glimmer of hope to my husband. I can’t say more, but seeing the smile on his face made my heart leap.

Witty, funny, hilarious friends who make me laugh so hard my body shakes.

A 3-year old who has Moves Like Jagger.

A 7-year old who says things like, “XC! We need to find a ball so we can share our feelings.” They were doing yoga, I have no idea what she was talking about, but it made me smile.

A 9-year old who, instead of freaking out about the thieving vandals, took the opportunity to make himself a badge that’s the exact replica of what’s on the CSI van.

Police who respond quickly, are friendly, and kind to my kids.

Kindness, where none is deserved, from a stranger thousands of miles away.

Automatic car washes. Holy crap dusting for prints creates a HUGE mess.

There’s goodness in the chaos. I just need to be willing to see it.


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