We’re replacing the carpet upstairs. It’s nearly 6-years old and it’s gross.

Puppies. Kids. Pee. Puke. Poop. Spills of unknown origins.

Let’s stop talking about why the carpet is gross. I feel dirty, like the terrible housekeeper that I am.


The choices are cork:

or bamboo:

Help me choose.

We’re also ripping the carpet off the stairs and replacing it with more carpet so it doesn’t really matter (to me, at least) how well the upstairs floor go with the hardwoods on the main level.

(Yeah, that’s all there is to this post. So…we’ll talk later, okay?)



4 thoughts on “Flooring

  1. We’ve had bamboo and it dents pretty easily. Cork is fantastic because it is an excellent sound absorber and even though it may not be as good as carpet in that regard, it’s the best out of hard floor options.

  2. Pick the cork. We have bamboo and it scratches pretty easily. I also found out after the fact that you cannot sand and resurface bamboo like you can other hardwood floors.

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