Standing with Diana

This weekend I watched a war unfold. One woman versus an entire hospital. A mama making a choice, fighting for her twins.

On November 9, 2002,  a month before my due date, my water broke with JP. He was born 53 hours later. I leaked amniotic fluid the entire time I was in the hospital. There were no contractions. He was never in distress. We were monitored constantly. About 36 hours later a neonatologist performed an ultrasound. JP’s lungs looked good, he was a good size for a 36-week baby (7 lbs. 6 oz.), he would, in all likelihood, be fine if we induced.

The induction was my choice. It’s a choice I’ve since regretted a hundred times over, but it was mine and my husband’s. I was given two options, stay in the hospital until there was an urgent reason to deliver (infection, fetal distress), or hang out and let him marinate a little longer. There were pros and cons to both. My doctor and the nurses were supportive of allowing me to do what I felt was right for us- me and JP.

Reading the tweets and posts from Diana break my heart. She is okay. Her babies are okay. She and her husband have made the choice to fight for her 19-week old fetuses.

Just had a dr barge in, wake me up, ask me if I knew the chances of the babies surviving, how expensive my bed was, how lucky I am they even admitted me, and ask why I wouldn’t go home.
I’m so angry I can’t even type. I kept telling him I didn’t want to talk till my husband was here, but he kept going. Called the nurse in and banned him from my room. No words for how upset I am right now. We know chances are slim. Must we be told 2 times a day? -Diana Stone

She can feel her babies moving inside her. Their hearts are beating and strong. Yet a physician berates her and bullies her? How the hell is that okay?

Hang in there, Diana. And, to Preston and Julian, keep kicking babies.

For future reference to medical professionals: never question a mother’s ability to protect her children, her instincts, or her intelligence. You may have a PhD, but it’s no match for our fierce, unwavering love and belief in our babies.




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