Tornado Alley weather quiz

1. It’s noon on a dreary Saturday and you hear the tornado sirens. Do you:

a) Immediately go to the basement.

b) Go on the front porch and look at the sky to establish visual contact with the alleged tornado

2. The weather people on the local stations are insistent that you take cover. Do you:

a) Immediately go to the basement.

b) Install all minors, pets, and emergency supplies in the basement while fighting with the other adults in the house over who gets to go back outside.

3. It’s the real deal, tornado headed straight for your neighborhood…or so the forecasters say. Do you:

a) Immediately go to the basement.

b) Verify the sky is green and the air eerily still before taking cover.

4. If a tornado were to occur in the middle of the night you:

a) would be immediately alerted by the beeping of your weather radio.

b) be totally screwed. You can sleep through thunderstorms that shake the house. A siren’s drone will never wake you up.

5. You’re in the basement (no, you may not go back upstairs). Available supplies are:

a) Water, non-perishable snack food, shoes, windbreakers, important medications, first aid kit.

b) Beer, laundry detergent, and your secret stash of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

Mostly A’s: you obviously didn’t grow up in Tornado Alley.

Mostly B’s: Duck, cover, and hope to hell you’re right. What tornado?

This post is for Kristen, August, Jay, Beth, Susan, and Carrie who inadvertently inspired it.


5 thoughts on “Tornado Alley weather quiz

  1. I love this!!! You forgot:
    C). Engage husband and friends in delightful FB chatter mixed in with a few first hand geographical updates. Who has hail? Are you really talking to your spouse over FB while sitting feet apart?

    • We had the sirens going off at our house on Saturday night, since there was one on the grnoud about 15 or 20 miles to our south and west (putting us in its direct path), but received only moderate rain from the whole event.They are damned weird storms, though. They pop up out of nowhere sometimes, confirmed by some of the radar pics from the events.Always have to be careful this time of year with the weather.

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