A blogging PSA

I read blogs for a living.

No, really, I do.

(Best job ever BTW.)

In the 15-months I’ve been working I’ve come to develop a list of blogging irritations. Some are big, some are small, but one never fails to make me want to scream at my computer.

Wordless Wednesday.

I hate Wordless Wednesday.

It’s not original. Do you guys have any idea how. many. people. do. Wordless Wednesday?

Too damn many, that’s how many.

Stop it.



P.S.- If there’s a picture, posted on a Wednesday, and the rest of the post lacks text, assume your readers are smart enough to know that it’s just a nice* picture and that there’s no words intentionally.


Great. Go edit your posts accordingly.

Happy Wednesday, kids.

*Take your Instagrams pics of delicious, half eaten plates of food away- that’s just gross.


4 thoughts on “A blogging PSA

    • It’s a sweet gig. Unfortunately, reading 250-300 posts a day sort of kills my ability to keep up with my friends’ blogs. I’m trying to get better at that.

  1. Great – want to do me a favor? I’m trying to launch a blog to replace our quarterly newsletter for my professional organization. I have no clue how I want to organize the damn thing. Mind offering any feedback? iiekansascity.wordpress.com. Thanks! – Jay

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