Insight from my 7-year old

Conversation with SG, after showing her the gifts I purchased for XC’s birthday:

SG: Why don’t you buy clothes for your birthday?

Me: Huh?

SG: When it’s your birthday you don’t buy yourself new clothes.

Me: So?

SG: So you should.

Me: Why?

SG (smiles): Because. Everyone likes new clothes. And you always give us new clothes. You should buy yourself new clothes.

Me (sort of baffled): Oh.

Then she hobbled* off to the kitchen for a snack.

And here’s the deal, it’s not the new clothes thing (right now clothes shopping gives me hives and makes me cry), but the fact that my first grader recognizes the importance of doing stuff for yourself. And yet, at the age of 33, I still haven’t figured out that being a little selfish every once in a while is okay and- just maybe- a little important.

I’m working on it.

*SG has an infection and got two big, painful, antibiotic injections in her thighs. She’s terribly sore and doesn’t feel well.  Also, because she loves clothes, I bought her three pairs of shorts ($6 Target shorts= win) to cheer her up.


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