You know, the funny stuff

As far as my parents are concerned, I am an IT guru and, as such, I fixed my dad’s computer today.

Dad: It won’t work.

Me: Okay.

[I swipe my fingers over the trackpad, push the space bar a few times, then pushed the power button.]

[Computer makes that glorious sound that Macs make when you turn ’em on (heh).]

Me: Done.

Dad: But it’s not working!

Me: What do you mean it’s not working? You have to give it a minute.

[Approximately five seconds elapse.]

Dad: What the hell is wrong with it?!?

Me: Nothing! Chill the fuck out and let it do its thing.

[Mom smacks me.]

Dad: It’s taking forever!

Me: You shut it down. Give. it. a. minute.

[Lo, all was well and good in the world of his iMac. I cannot say the same for his patience.]

Me: Fixed!

Dad: Okay, now show me the funny stuff.

Me: What funny stuff?

Dad: You know. The funny stuff. On YouTube and shit.

Me: Well, what is it you want to see?

Dad (getting irritated and huffy): Like, the funny stuff. Like Ellen talks about.

Note: I don’t actually get to watch daytime TV, so what Ellen has talked about of late has escaped my attention. Also, I’m not a big YouTube person. A request of “find the funny shit” sort of threw me and I had my father breathing down my neck (literally) so I sort of froze.

Me: Um. Funny shit. Oh! I know some funny shit!

So I showed him the Pearl videos which placated him enough (and even made him laugh!) for now.

Then he told me to leave because he wanted to take a nap.

Y’all, my dad is a real charmer.

Anyway, where’s the funny stuff on YouTube, Blogosphere?



One thought on “You know, the funny stuff

  1. The Ellen show might have a You Tube channel. Other than that, Simon’s Cat (also a channel) and the Old Spice Channel make me laugh, but then, I own cats and think Old Spice Guy is hilarious. But that’s all I got.

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