The toddler conundrum

That frustrating point in a toddler’s development when they still need to nap, but letting them nap (if you’re able to successfully put them to sleep- good luck with that) results in a woefully late bedtime and fitfully sleeping during the night. Letting them skip their nap results in them hitting a wall at 5:00 pm and being hyper and oversensitive before crashing a mere 30 minutes before their actual bedtime.

I forgot all about this phase.

Good grief it’s exhausting.


2 thoughts on “The toddler conundrum

  1. I hear you! Amelia has been this way almost since she turned two. On days when she doesn’t nap she’ll sleep for 13 hours at night, but when she does nap (usually for two hours) she’ll only sleep nine at night. Conundrums! Good luck!

  2. This is so true. We tried skipping the nap….usually a very bad idea! My problem is that Mariam doesn’t go to sleep right away once we put her to bed. She will be up for over an hour after we put her to bed. In the mornings, she is a bear!!! She is not a morning person (just like her momma)!

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