New year, new experiences, starting today!

After the kids went to bed last night I wandered over to my neighbor’s to say hi and wish her a happy new year. Five hours, seven drinks and a lot of laughter later, I came home drunk as a skunk and barely managed to stumble my way into my bed before passing out.

Note: Absolut Mandarin + Sprite= Nom!

I felt remarkably good when I woke-up. Tired, but that’s what happens when you get four hours sleep. And then…then noontime came…and I became convinced I was going to die.

Me: Oh my god. Is this what a hangover is like? This is awful!

Mr. G: (lists off symptoms, I whimper in agreement with each one) …and I really just wanted to die.

Me: YES. Oh god. This is terrible.

I gave up trying to be a hero (*snort*)  while my head and stomach each vied for the victory of bringing my sorry ass down (my stomach won after a particularly hateful spasm and roll of nausea. Well played, tummy. Well played.).

And, lo, my very first new experience of 2012 was complete: at the age of 33 I finally had my first ever hangover! Tequila, gin, and beer don’t bring me down. But vodka? That bitch knocked me to my knees.

Happy 2012, y’all. Cheers.




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