Books are presents too

I was going to give you guys a list of some of our favorite books but then I realized that I’m introducing some fun, new titles and authors to the kids for Christmas this year, so why not share those books? And, just so you know, I’m such a fan of giving books at Christamstime that I actually unwrapped and re-wrapped the kids’ gifts just to bring you this list. My grandma would’ve been so proud- not a single shred of paper was torn!

For JP (who just turned 9): The Adventures of TinTin: Red Rackham’s Treasure, Darth Paper Strikes Back, Rocks and Minerals, The Hoboken Chicken Emergency.

For SG (who will be 7 in exactly 71 days): The Amazing Adventures of SupercatSpace Pirate Sardine in Outerspace, Bake Sale, and Zita the Spacegirl.



For XC (who’s 2 1/2): Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?, How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends?, You Are My Sunshine.

You may have noticed I didn’t link any of these books to Amazon. My reasons are twofold: 1) I think books should be bought from an independent bookseller whenever possible (Reading Reptile is my favorite); and 2) I think Amazon encouraging people to avoid small businesses is bullshit. The idea that Mega Conglomerate Amazon is somehow competing with or in danger of small businesses is laughable. So, poo on you, Amazon. Poo. On. You.

Make your kids’ Christmas merry. Read, dammit.



3 thoughts on “Books are presents too

  1. That’s going on the list of books SG will get for her birthday! JP has been into graphic novels for awhile now- and they’re great- but I’ve had a terrible time finding age-appropriate books where girls are the hero at the library. When I walked into the Reptile I told Deb what I wanted and within a minute she gave me no less than 10 options.

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