Black Friday thoughts

I don’t do Black Friday because I don’t like to shop when stores are crowded. I’m also not a fan of being cold. Or getting up early. Or shopping, really. Have I mentioned how irritable I get when a store is crowded? It’s not pretty.

But a lot of people like the occasion- whatever. But. BUT! If you begin your Black Friday Shopping at midnight on Thanksgiving/Friday, you’re an asshole. Yeah, I said it, you’re an asshole.

Corporations like Target and Best Buy have their employees by the balls and they know it. Don’t want to work at midnight on Black Friday? Don’t bother coming back. Which might be fine if it were easy to find a job. But it’s not. And no one wants to find themselves unemployed during the holiday season, right? So they’ll cut short family time, show up, be exhausted, and work.


Unless people act like decent human beings and think, “You know what? I’ll just go at 5 am (or whatever time you people go to shop) with the rest of the bargain hunters.” Because if consumers don’t show up to shop, it’s not worth it to the stores. And if it’s not worth it to the stores, they’ll stop doing it.


Don’t be a dick. It’s almost Christmas and if you act like a jerk the reindeer will poop funny. And I know everyone thinks that Santa puts coal in naughty kids’ stockings but, well, I’m pretty sure it’s not. *ahem*


4 thoughts on “Black Friday thoughts

  1. Amen sister. It’s funny because on one hand we have our investors & analysts saying that by not opening at midnight, jcpenney is once again a step behind our competition. But as crazy as opening at 4am does sound, that’s 4 more hours our store associates get to be home/awake w/their family. So fuck the analysts.

  2. here, the only option is walmart, and they are open 24/7 anyway even on holidays and have been for years. so i had 0 guilt going for the 10pm deals. however, i skipped driving the 40 minutes to old navy because them being open today? just ridiculous.

    stupid walmart didn’t have what i wanted though…so shouldn’t have bothered 😉

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