Scenes from a marriage: business trip edition

Mr. G: You know it’s going to be, like, 90 degrees the entire time I’m down there?

Me: Ugh. That sucks.

Mr. G: Can you freaking believe that? Ninety. In November!

Me: But you know what? When you have to go in January and it’s 80 degrees and I’m stuck here freezing my ass off, I’m going to be all, “Fuck you!”

Mr. G: (smiles and laughs)

Me (fully realizing that this is going to happen and I’m going to kind of hate him for it): Yeah. Fuck you! You fucking fuck.

Do you feel the love? Is it any wonder we’ve been married for 11-years?

Update: I showed the post to Mr. G who laughed and said, “Well played!” Why, yes, my husband does rock.


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