Bah humbug

I hate the holidays. It has less to do with the actual holiday and everything to do with the stress they bring. Or, if I were being honest, the stress my mother imposes on herself and then projects onto me. I could really do without that crap this year.


Regardless of my dislike of Thanksgiving (I’ve never liked it, not even as a kid.) and Christmas (loved Christmas when I was kid), I firmly believe one thing: Christmas decorations do not come out until Thanksgiving or the day after. Ever. But this year? This year I’m about to break that rule.

My parents gave us their “old” Christmas tree*. They’ve had it for a few years but it’s a pain to put together and mom doesn’t want to mess with it. It’s really expensive and gorgeous and I love it. For the last few years we’ve had a forest of little trees (we’ll put them out again) so when mom offered us the tree, I absolutely jumped at the chance to take it.


Those who know me well know I refer to my basement as The Shame. It’s a mess. A terrible, terrible mess full of crap we don’t use, clothes that don’t fit, laundry that needs to be done and toys that don’t get played with. I couldn’t stand the thought of taking one more damn thing down there so my parents’ tree went to the garage. Until today, the garage was barely a step above The Shame in terms of disorganized mess. Until today! I cleaned and organized the garage to within an inch of its life. All the stuff that didn’t belong in there was banished- trash, recycling, Goodwill or, God forbid, The Shame, and among the things that didn’t belong was the tree.

It’s a damn big tree. A heavy tree. A cumbersome tree. And Thanksgiving is only 10 days away which means we’re going to be bringing the damn thing upstairs again in a little over a week. What an unnecessary pain in the ass, right? RIGHT?

So up it will go. Sometime this week. And since I can’t stand an undecorated tree (so depressing), it will have to be decorated. A full week before Thanksgiving.


Bah! Humbug!

*You are not allowed to whine at me about how we need to get a real tree. SG and I are allergic to real trees. I can’t touch real trees, they give me hives. I can’t be in a room longer than an hour before my eyes get all watery and gooey and I can’t breathe and the snot starts to flow. So, yes, they’re lovely and they smell nice but I can’t have them so hush.


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