You’re welcome

Two things you will NOT read on my blog during this lovely month ‘o November:

1. Thankful posts
2. NaNoWriMo

I’m not doing the first because I try to remember the wonderful things in my life every day. Instagram pictures or two sentence blurbs don’t make me more mindful.

The second I’m just not doing. I thought about it. I’d like to. But, honestly? It’s an added commitment and stress that my life just doesn’t need right now. Maybe in January. After the kids are back in school.

If you want my honest opinion (and since you’re here you’re going to get it), contrived posts don’t really do it for most readers, so stop it. One, earnest, heartfelt post about what you’re thankful for is so much more powerful than a list. And a recap of your NaNoWriMo experience or the things you learned about yourself as a writer is 10 times more interesting than a post that says, “oops. I’m neglecting my blog but I wrote 300 words in 15 minutes!”

If AWOL in posting, neglect is self-evident.
If overwhelmingly thankful…I dunno. Buy a cornucopia and fill it or something.

This BSA* has been brought to you by a weary and terribly bored reader.

(P.S.- I’m a professional blog reader (heh). I know what I’m talking about. Seriously.)

*Blogging Service Announcement


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