Damn puppy

Not long after Zoie died, SG asked for a puppy. “NO,” we shouted said. We weren’t ready, JP wasn’t ready and I had no desire to have a puppy. But then a week or so passed and I got to thinking…shouldn’t every kid have the experience of owning a puppy? No. NO. I did NOT want a puppy. Sure they’re cute and funny but…no, no, no.

In spite of my resolve, I made a fatal mistake: I held a puppy. In the span of 22.7 seconds I fell in love. She looked exactly like the dog I had growing-up and I needed her. And we needed a puppy. The kids agreed so the four of us gave Mr. G our most pathetic faces and we begged. And he said no. Later, privately, away from little ears he said, “fuck no.” *huff* Then he offered some sensible reason about not getting puppies at a pet store and there may have been something about the $600 price tag. Maybe. Possibly. I can’t quite recall.

The damage was done. I had puppy fever. Puppypuppypuppypuppy. So I whined a little, badgered a little and Mr. G relented. Searching rescue sites for just the right pup took some time but we found her. She looked like a cross between our first dog, Gabby, and Tess. And, as if it was meant to be, her name was Zoey. All three of our sweet girls rolled into one funny little package.

After some emails and phone calls, the woman who was caring for her agreed to let us meet her while the big kids were at school. We needed to see if she worked for us and if we (particularly Tess and XC) worked for her.

And she did. And they did. So I called Mr. G at work. “Let’s do it!” he said. Which caused me to freak out just a little. No way in hell was I making that big of a decision for the entire family. No. thank. you. So she came back later that evening to meet everyone. Was there even a chance they would say no? As if. In the time it took for her to emerge from her carrier I watched my husband melt into a puppy-sized pile of goo. It took approximately 30 seconds for JP and SG to start asking, “Can we keep her?” Of course we kept her!

Blogosphere, I’d like to introduce you to our newest family member.

This is Pippa. Pippa Puffalump G____________.


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