As they are: Elaina G Photography

It’s not possible to be objective when reviewing a photographer so I’m not even going to try. The type of photographs I love are not the types of photographs my mother loves. I love casual glimpses, unposed moments and sometimes messy nanoseconds of my kids’ lives. My mother likes the ultra-composed, idealized pictures that vaguely resemble my children in clean, freshly pressed clothing that they would never wear day-to-day. There’s nothing wrong with her preference, per se, but I’ve never seen any of my children tilt their heads to a 45º angle while resting their chins ever so slightly on an arm shelf (think Sears Portraits circa 1983). That’s not who they are.

This…this is who they are:



There are no words for how much I love this picture and the other photos Elaina of Elaina G Photography took of my babies. She’s been shooting them since JP was 4-months old and I’ve never not gasped with delight at her photos. E is one of those people that was meant to photograph kids- softspoken, gentle, easy going…she makes it easy for them to be themselves. The stress and aggravation associated with most picture taking session (ever heard the phrase, “it’s like herding cats”?) doesn’t happen with Elaina. She goes with the flow…so the kids go with the flow…the portrait session is so much easier.

She’s got a heck of a deal going on right now so, if you’re a Kansas City person, jump on this: during Summer she’s offering a “Play Photos” package (see her Facebook page for more shots). She’ll come to you and your kiddos and take pictures of them doing their favorite summer activites- eating popsicles, blowing bubbles, playing in puddles, digging in the sandbox- whatever they love best. For $150 you get a CD of edited photos of your babies- just as they are.

Elaina and I swapped this post for a Play Photos session. However, the opinion is 100% mine and reflects the way I’ve regarded her skills as a photographer for the last 8-years. To contact the lovely E you can call her at 816.444.1268 or e-mail her at


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